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Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool

Mapping Fish and Wildlife Across the West

New Mexico: Chama River

Web Services

The web services leveraged by this application's map have been made publicly available, and are free to use by anyone. Our intention is to make it easy for GIS desktop users and developers to find new and interesting applications for the data provided.

Terms of Service

By using the web services you agree to credit the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) and include the date of data currency in any publication. You also agree not to publish Crucial Habitat data that has been altered or modified in any way, including any modifications to the color scheme as displayed on the wafwachat.org website. The crucial habitat layer cannot be used on an external GIS viewer website without proper notification and attributions to WAFWA.

Hexagon Attributes Access

ArcGIS for Desktop Access

To visualize the Hexagon layers in ArcGIS for Desktop, users can access an ArcGIS Online hosted feature service. To add data from ArcGIS Online, use the Add Data arrow on the Standard Toolbar and click Add data from ArcGIS Online.

With the ArcGIS Online data search utility open, Search for “Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies” or “WAFWA” to find the feature service. Click the add link to bring the data into your current ArcGIS for Desktop session.

Web Mapping Service (WMS) Access

GeoServer is used to provide information about individual features across the various map layers. The data is in the Web Mercator projection (EPSG:3857). The map service is hosted at http://opengeocluster.appgeo.com/geoserver/web/.

The single layer containing crucial habitat rankings is wafwachat:WGA_CHS.

Here is an example of a request for 10 features in GeoJSON format:


The following is a lookup table of attribute labels and their corresponding names in the data.

Label Attribute
Crucial Habitat Rank ch_rank
Terrestrial Crucial Habitat ter_rank
Aquatic Crucial Habitat aq_rank
Species of Concern soc
Terrestrial Species of Concern ter_soc
Aquatic Species of Concern aq_soc
Landscape Condition ls_cond
Large Natural Areas intact_ls
Natural Veg. Communities nat_veg
Landscape Connectivity ls_corr
Landscape Condition Summary ls_merge
Freshwater Integrity fh2o_int
Wildlife Corridors spp_corr
Riparian and Wetland Habitat Distribution wet_rip
Species of Econ and/or Recreational Importance seri
Terrestrial Species of Econ and/or Recreational Importance ter_seri
Aquatic Species of Econ and/or Recreational Importance aq_seri

Map Tiles

Map tile images are served from Amazon S3, and made available through simple HTTP requests.

Crucial Habitat tile

Tile URL: http://s3.amazonaws.com/AppGeo/WestGovChat/Tiles/CrucialHabitat/10/354/157

URL Format: http://s3.amazonaws.com/AppGeo/WestGovChat/Tiles/{layer}/{z}/{y}/{x}

Zoom Levels Available:
1- 12

Available Tile Layers

Layer Name Identifier
Crucial Habitat RankCrucialHabitat
Terrestrial Crucial HabitatTerrestrialCrucial
Aquatic Crucial HabitatAquaticCrucial
Species of ConcernHabitatSpeciesConcern
Terrestrial Species of ConcernTerrestrialSpeciesConvern
Aquatic Species of ConcernAquaticSpeciesConvern
Landscape ConditionLandscapeCondition
Large Natural AreasLargeNaturalAreas
Natural Veg. CommunitiesNaturalVeg
Landscape ConnectivityLandscapeConnect
Landscape Condition SummaryLandscapeConditionSummaryRank
Freshwater IntegrityFreshwater
Wildlife CorridorsWildlifeCorridors
Riparian and Wetland Habitat DistributionWetlandRiparianAreas
Species of Econ and/or Recreational ImportanceSERI
Terrestrial Species of Econ and/or Recreational ImportanceTerrestrialSpeciesImportance
Aquatic Species of Econ and/or Recreational ImportanceAquaticSpeciesImportance
Watershed Boundary (HUC 6)Watershed
Lesser Prairie Chicken Estiamted Occupied RangeLEPCEstimated
Lesser Prairie Chicken Focal Areas and Connectivity ZonesLEPCFocal
PLSS TownshipsPLSS